Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Purple Gingham Paper Bag Skirt

My baby girl turned 7 months old and so I made a new purple skirt. 
She also has her very first tooth popping up on the bottom right. Woohoo!
Can you see it?? I felt it cut through last night. 

It's new to my shop, but it's similar to this one with an elastic waist.  Instead of elastic, I just made a drawstring out of the same fabric. To make the drawstring, I just sewed a really narrow tube and pulled it inside out. 

I've always know you can use a safety pin to help turn something inside out easily, but I didn't have one small enough for this tiny drawstring I made, so after looking on Pinterest, I found the next best thing... 
a bobby pin! 

You just cut a little hole in the tube, to attach the bobby pin to and turn it inside out, it's really easy and now my go to for turning things. I also saw how you can use a ribbon, but I didn't take the time to figure out where to sew it first, so I think a bobby pin wins.

the drawstring is hidden on the inside back

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  1. Adorable Aubrey! Love this skirt (and your blog!) Hope you have a great week!