Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rocking chair redo

It's been a while since I have posted on here. It took me forever and a half to do this project!!
My mom got this rocking chair for me at a yard sale in Idaho for $10 (I think).
I spent $9 for spray paint and $2 for fabric for the redo. 
First I sanded it, wiped it down, and then spray painted white. Then I made a seat-cushion with ties and also I made that blanket recently. 
Wow those instructions didn't even take that long to type, but it really did take me more than a month because sanding was a mess inside, tiny patio space, naptime schedule, sprinkler schedule, light outside, 3 coats of spraypaint.
I think it was worth it. It looks nicer and is way more comfortable. I haven't even used this chair a lot recently, but I remember many many nights rocking Macy to sleep sitting in this chair. 
Did you even notice how the top of the chair had just been chopped off and also one of the arm handles? random hack job I guess??
But seriously we really miss that 'spirit of 76' paint job ;)

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